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Nature's Brilliant Colours
Newsletter No. 12 10/2012
Autumn News
Dear Customers, Readers, and Friends!

Summer has drawn to a close and the Christmas trade is fast approaching. Ready as ever to meet to your expectations, we have brought back some remarkable stones from our “fall purchases” and the variety of our champagne coloured diamonds offers multiple possibilities. Perhaps a lovely assortment of stones in shaded tones will inspire you.

We regularly assist our clients with their exhibits and presentations, and the enthusiasm of the final customer speaks for itself. The concept works: Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds want to be seen! Our colour grading cards have also proven their worth during sales appointments – be sure to order your copies.

The autumn winds have brought change to Switzerland: starting November 2012, we are pleased to welcome Elena Asklipiadis, already well known to many of you in the jewellery industry, as manager of our Winterthur office.

We are convinced that a company’s success depends largely on the skills of its employees. This is why we are so thrilled that our colleague Susanne Noell has successfully completed the “Diamond Knowledge I – IV” courses offered by the German Gemmological Association (Deutschen Gemmologischen Gesellschaft) in Idar-Oberstein. You can read all about her experience in this edition.

Looking forward to continuing our work together!


From Our Collection:
Shaded Colour Tones - A Harmony of Colours

Shaded colour tones bring special harmony to your jewellery. Our collection features stones from 0,01 ct to 0,20 ct in a wide range of colour shades.

We will gladly custom arrange shaded tones from light to dark in pastel or bold colour combinations. For this, we suggest our brilliant cut and princess cut diamonds in C1-C7 colours.

If you are interested in shaded colour tones, please contact us:

Telephone: +49 (0)30 44 34 17 77

Susanne NoellFour Weeks of Diamond Class

Still inexperienced in evaluating diamonds, I had the opportunity to attend a four-week course at the Gemmological Society in Idar-Oberstein to learn the basics of diamond grading according to IDC (International Diamond Council) standards.

…and I was not sure what to expect!

All about Natural Coloured Diamonds
London’s Most Expensive Bicycle – The Brogue Bike
Simon Harcourt, a designer specialised in leather, was working on a custom order with the jeweller Nick Fitch when Fitch noticed a bike hanging on the wall. Full of enthusiasm, he convinced Harcourt to transform the old model into something extraordinary. The result is London’s most expensive bike.

The frame is covered with expensive Italian tanned leather and is fitted with a removable saddle bag with silver buckles.

The really special part, however, is the handlebar. Its ends are worked in sterling silver and surrounded by a wreath of Natural Fancy Colored dark brown diamonds!

This luxurious bike, suitable for a sophisticated Londoner and leisurely excursions in mild weather, costs 25,000 pounds sterling.
Diamond Divas
Marilyn Monroe and the Moon of Baroda
In our minds, Marilyn Monroe is closely associated with diamonds and you most certainly know the song “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”. Most likely, then, it would be hard to say who shone the brightest, Marilyn or the Moon of Baroda.

In 1953, the diva wore the precious diamond during the publicity campaign for Howard Halks comedy, “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”. Marilyn played the role of naïve, yet clever, Lorelei Lee.

Gemmology Corner
The Brilliant Cut – Chapter 2: The Modern Brilliant Cut
In chapter 1 of this series, we looked at the historical development of the brilliant cut.

In this chapter, we will look at the characteristics of the modern round brilliant cut. We will explain how the stone cutter uses the laws of optics to his advantage when arranging the facets.
Useful Information Concerning Diamonds: Measurements and Weights
For daily use, we have designed a chart for round brilliant cut diamonds that includes corresponding measurements and weights.
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